After the information afternoon, I stood outside in the fresh air with my husband, listened to my intuition and sensed that this was exactly the right place for me.

Gabriela Moser

At the birthing centre, the miracle of childbirth is treated with great respect and humility. A huge amount of attention is paid to the issues of being and becoming.

Melanie Hediger

The atmosphere in the birthing centre is much more relaxed, positive, personal and even celebratory than at a hospital. There is no pressure for everything to fit into a timetable.

Andrea Röhren

The possibility to start out in life in a warm, colourful and calm atmosphere has a lasting effect on the lives of mother, father and child. We carry this wonderful experience in us.

Sabrina Klaus

It helped me to know that the hospital is only a short trip away in the event of complications. The midwives seem to know exactly when a transfer is necessary.

Simona Kobel

Birthing centre