Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland is synonymous with female-specific, holistic maternity care which preserves the mother’s dignity and intimacy and her physical, mental and spiritual integrity.


What is a birthing centre?

A birthing centre is an independent, midwife-led centre of excellence for pregnancy, natural birth and breastfeeding. As a centre that provides pregnancy care for more than 400 women and has around 300 births a year, Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland is currently the largest birthing centre in Switzerland. More than 4,000 children have been born here since 1993.

Our extended range of services includes courses (in German), alternative therapies such as acupuncture and craniosacral therapy and advice on such topics as sexuality, the desire to have children, birth control and partnerships.

Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland has been on the hospital list of the canton of Zurich since 1 January 2012, meaning that our services are covered by your basic health insurance and your canton of residence.




Our mission

The care we provide at Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland and all of our actions are guided by the following principles:

  • We view pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding as natural and healthy life processes that strengthen the mother, the child and the family. As a result, we work individually and according to core midwifery principles.
  • We campaign to make natural birth normal/the norm again, because it has been proven as the best option for the health of both mother and child. Our goal is to maintain the health of families and support it in a lasting way (principle of salutogenesis). By doing so, we also make a contribution to society.
  • Our work is focused on maintaining and reinforcing the autonomy of both women and couples. The mother’s freedom of choice and self-determination in terms of how and where she gives birth are established in law. We defend this freedom of choice through our political commitment.
  • We support women on their path to motherhood
  • Our resource-oriented care is based on established midwifery standards and follows the principle of evidence-based medicine. We only use measures that are proven to have more advantages than disadvantages for mother and child and that have been tried and tested in obstetric practice/guarantee the safety of mother and child.
  • We promote the development of the entire spectrum of midwifery skills by supporting women from the start of pregnancy right through to the postnatal period and offering internship places to midwifery students.
  • We are the largest birthing centre in Switzerland with the highest number of births. As a flagship national institution offering the full range of midwifery skills, we lead the way in the field of natural midwifery. We use our midwives’ specific knowledge and many years of experience to support political efforts to promote, preserve and expand the profession. As a member of the Interessengemeinschaft der Geburtshäuser Schweiz (IGGH® – Interest Group for Birthing Centres in Switzerland), Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland campaigns to strengthen the midwifery profession.