Feeling the primal forces of nature at work during childbirth is an amazing experience. The incredible power of it strengthened me as a woman and a mother.

Janine Gabriel

For my birth, it was important to me that everyone involved trusted in my body and that someone was by my side to give me professional assistance and a feeling of safety. And that is exactly what I got. Thank you!

Annina Mathis

Thanks to the one-to-one care from the midwife, I never felt left alone or abandoned as the father. After all, childbirth is very strenuous for men, too.

Michi Hediger

For me, childbirth is a job for a midwife. Their respectful way of dealing with the miracle that happens during every birth is something I wish for every mother.


The midwife encouraged me, helped me to stay calm, massaged me and always supported me at the right moment with the different options such as changes of position, music and homoeopathy.


Seeing how the midwives looked after my wife during the birth gave me a great feeling of security.


The midwives only intervened when necessary and encouraged me at the right moments. It was also great to have so much time for ourselves after the birth.


Fear is our biggest enemy. Have faith and be brave – nature has given us women everything we need to give birth naturally.

Janine Gabriel

I had one of the most important experiences of my life at the birthing centre. Through the natural birth of my daughter, I was able to experience the wonders of nature at first hand.

Nicola Schneider

Most of my friends don’t understand when I tell them that I would like to experience childbirth again.

Bettina Keller

The celebration of childbirth is a miracle that we always encounter with humility and respect.

The birthing centre team

Childbirth was hard work and an extreme experience, but it was also beautiful. That said, I can never imagine that giving birth would be truly enjoyable.

Melanie Hediger

Of course giving birth was painful, but the fact that no chemical pain relief was available actually made me feel more confident that I could manage without it.


Natural birth, safe birth