Birthing rooms

Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland has two birthing rooms, both of which are equipped with a birthing pool.


There are two birthing rooms at the birthing centre: a large one called White Lotus and a smaller one called Red Lotus. In addition, our treatment room can also be quickly converted into a birthing room should the need arise.

Equipment in the birthing rooms

In addition to a wide bed for resting in, a range of tried-and-tested tools for active labour will be available to you during the birth:

  • Birthing pool so that you can take a relaxing bath. The warm water helps to make the contractions more bearable and soften the perineum. Our episiotomy rate is 0-1% on average, which is extremely low; for hospital births, this figure can be up to 50%.
  • Birth ball for rotating your hips or for use as support in the all-fours position.
  • Birth stool with a soft mat so that you can make the best possible use of gravity.
  • Wall bars, which give you stability and take advantage of gravity.
  • Suspended cloth, which you can use for support when standing during labour, thus taking advantage of gravity.
  • A water drum, which the father can use at any time to put himself, the mother and the baby in a holiday mood – it has a very relaxing effect!
  • A music corner with a CD player, a smartphone adapter and a number of CDs. You are entirely welcome to deliver your baby dancing, in keeping with the philosophy that childbirth is a celebration!

Incidentally, the stairs in the birthing centre and the nearby footpath are often used to assist with labour too, as climbing stairs and slow, calm walking stimulate contractions.

The paintings in the two birthing rooms, on the walls, ceilings and doors, and the crystals on the privacy screen and the walls were designed and realised by Werner Casty.

More information on our interior design and colour concept is provided here.