The healthy food, the beautiful family rooms, the smiling faces, the sense of closeness through shared experiences and the expert help with breastfeeding were all fantastic.


The postnatal period is much quieter than in a hospital. You have a lot of time for yourself and the newborn, and your partner can also stay overnight at the birthing centre.

Andrea Röhren

I really appreciated the little details: things like the dried figs that were put out with my breakfast, the tin nursing cups for sore nipples and the quark compresses.

Ursina Kappenberger

The best way to describe the birthing centre is to compare it to a nest in which you are protected and looked after. We were always protected during the sacred first few days with our child.


All the midwives who work there were very helpful and kind and had great faith in my powers as a woman. The care they gave impresses me to this day.


The advice on breastfeeding is fantastic. At first I had a few difficulties with breastfeeding, but the midwives knew all the tricks and our baby was soon feeding really well.

Daniela Huber

Postnatal care