24/7 midwife care

Guidance and support with baby care, breastfeeding and recovery. The experienced birthing centre midwives are also there for you in many different ways during the postnatal period.



Always there for you

At the birthing centre, a midwife is available for you day and night. She will provide you with sensitive, expert care and support throughout the postnatal period, enabling you to process the birth, recover, get to know your baby in a peaceful setting and practise breastfeeding together.

What does midwife care include?

There are always enough midwives present at the birthing centre to look after the mothers spending their postnatal period there (up to a maximum of nine). As a result, you will have access to professional advice and support around the clock.

We are happy to look after your well-being, share our broad knowledge with you and support you with organising the postnatal period at home on request. In addition, the midwife team is always open to your questions and wishes.


Getting back to your everyday life

It is important to us that you know on leaving the birthing centre which midwife will be looking after you at home as this will ensure that you continue to receive a good level of care. If possible, a midwife from our team can do this for you; otherwise, we will gladly help you to find a suitable midwife.