Follow-up check

The follow-up check marks the end of the postnatal period.


Back to everyday life

After six to eight weeks, the family has usually more or less settled into its new life. That is why the follow-up check is scheduled for around this time. The baby usually attends and the father is very welcome too. Wherever possible, the midwife who accompanied you during the birth will also do the follow-up check. That way, you will get a chance to see her again and enjoy an in-depth chat.

What the follow-up check involves

We want to know how you are, How have you coped with the transition to the new family situation? How is the sleeping and breastfeeding going? How are things in your partnership?

As with the antenatal check-ups, we take time for your questions and encourage discussion. In addition, the follow-up check can also include the following examinations:

  • Manual check of your uterus/cervix and your breasts
  • Check of your wound healing/sutures if you have any
  • Blood pressure and weight
  • Urine, possibly blood test (haemoglobin test)
  • Since this check-up marks the end of the postnatal period in the broadest sense of the word, the topic of sexuality and contraception/family planning is also addressed

The costs are covered by basic health insurance (see Services and costs for more information).