Oasis of well-being

“Our” mothers and fathers often say how much they appreciated the friendly and restful atmosphere and the excellent cuisine at the birthing centre.


Body and soul in harmony

Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland stands for holistic care that brings your body and soul into harmony:

  • During the postnatal period, you can enjoy the first few days with your baby and your partner to the full and recover from the birth in a truly peaceful setting. In the process, we will provide you with loving care and support.
  • In addition to breastfeeding advice and the first postnatal exercises, massages, therapeutic baths and our extended range of therapies may also form part of your postnatal care, depending on your situation.
  • Our delicious, healthy, organic meals are a further highlight.


Healthy gourmet cuisine

We attach great importance to healthy cuisine that is optimally adapted to the needs of mothers who have just given birth. Did you know that the body needs three times more calories when breastfeeding than during pregnancy? For that reason, we cook balanced wholefood meals that are filling and ensure a healthy start to the breastfeeding period.

The special features of our cuisine

For our primarily vegetarian meals, we use fresh organic produce from the region in combination with a range of biodynamic products.

On request, we can also prepare organic meat-based meals. We source the meat from neighbouring farms that keep the animals in a species-appropriate environment.

The freshly and lovingly prepared meals are served at the big table in the day room on the ground floor.

Recipes to try at home

You can also enjoy the delicious and imaginative birthing centre cuisine at home. Our birthing centre recipe book (in German), which was published to mark the 20-year anniversary in 2013, contains over 100 recipes to try at home.

  • You can buy the birthing centre recipe book for CHF 29.00 directly at the birthing centre.


A generous range of rooms

In addition to your private family room, the birthing centre has various other rooms that you are welcome to use.

Our “family nest”

There is a good reason why the bright top-floor apartment with its two balconies is known as “the nest”. This cosy space is ideal for enjoying breakfast together as a family, chatting and resting. In addition to a separate therapyroom, the apartment also has a bath for therapeutic baths during the postnatal period.

Day room/dining room

The sizeable day room on the ground floor with its newly installed kitchen is where the women who have given birth and their partners come to eat and be spoiled. It is also an ideal place to make contact with like-minded people, chat and share tips.

Waiting and visitor’s room with a play area

The attractive waiting room on the ground floor has a play area with a range of books and toys for children of different ages.

Garden seating area

A popular place to sit on warm days.

Course room

There is a large course room in the adjacent building that is used for a wide variety of purposes. In addition to antenatal classes, courses for siblings, baby massage courses, baby sling courses, postnatal exercise classes, yoga and much more are held there. The room can also be rented for meetings and lectures/talks. Please contact our secretary’s office for more information.

Art and colours at the birthing centre

Buildings have their own personality, too. In the summer of 2009, we moved from Wald in the canton of Zurich to the former Hotel Schürli building in Bäretswil. When we did so, it was very important to us to create an inviting, calm and harmonious atmosphere at the new site. The following people helped us to make this wish a reality:

  • We designed the colour concept for our rooms together with Sara Wälty.
  • We furnished and designed the rooms according to feng shui principles in collaboration with Daniela Streuli.
  • The paintings on the walls, ceilings and doors and the crystals on the privacy screen and the walls were designed and realised by Werner Casty. The other rooms are decorated with acrylic paintings by Christine Heel.